Summer at the Movies 2011

Whatever genre it may of been, the movies of Summer 2011 flew right on by without leaving a lasting impression. The majority of the movies that came out this summer, left me leaving the theater not only confused, but angry as to how the quality can be so poor, how the studios and screenwriters can allow such movies with such glaring plot holes out to the viewing public, and how sad it makes me that the future of films is looking bleak. But obviously the answer is simple if it makes money that’s all that matters to some of the Studio heads, and the first thing that comes to mind is

How can this make Over 1 billion?!

Transformers: Dark Of the Moon made 1.1 Billion worldwide (3D sales helped that figure). How is that possible you may ask?! Well your answer is as good as mine. The latest edition of Tranformers is as commercial as you can get. Yes it will make money but does Michael Bay really want this abomination to be what he is remembered by?! A movie that needs an explosion every half second to keep you from falling asleep! This movie left many, myself included shocked hoping that this is not what the future of cinema is all about.

Now onto the Super Hero Movies that came out this summer. If i had to rank them, it would be 1.Captain America 2.Thor 3. Green Lantern. None of them would be a movie i would see a second time. I actually had high expectations for Captain America as i am a big fan of World War two movies, but the feeling i had when i left the theater was this movie was made for the sole purpose of being a springboard for “The Avengers” (Same can be said about Thor). Green Lantern was a poorly acted movie, with pretty good CGI and an ok plot.


There were plenty of other movies i did not like, but ill move on to some of the Movies i enjoyed.

                 Rise of The Planet of The Apes was a movie i enjoyed from beginning to end and thought it had a strong script and i believe the casting was right on que. I loved how even though this was a prequel they connected it to the original Planet of the Apes without being corny. For example when Caesar the chimp in one scene was playing with a doll of the Statue of Liberty (where in the original the Apes were in NYC not a foreign planet). Also the first words Charlton Heston in the original said to an ape was “Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!”  In Rise of the Planet of The Apes, when Caesar (Ape) and the villain Tom Felton had a stare down, the exchange went like this;  Tom ” Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape!” Caesar: “NO!” Those were the first words in the movie Caesar the ape communicated. So in both films the first time Casesar and Charlton Heston spoke, they spoke with the human saying the same thing. Even though i have seen the original Planet of the Apes Multiple times, i have only seen it at home, never in theaters. This Summer it was playing July 8-14 at Film Forum, and if i knew before hand i would of definitely went. I have been to film forum before and it is a cool place to see a movie, i highly reccomend it, and am hoping they plan on screening it again there soon in the near future.

In the end here are some other movies from this past summer that i liked and disliked:

Liked: Cowboys and Aliens, The Change Up, Horrible Bosses, 30 Minutes or Less

Disliked: Friends with Benifits, Our Idiot Brother, Crazy Stupid Love, Super 8

Indifferent: Final Destination 5, Crazy Stupid Love

Thanks for reading!



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  1.   Mitchell Mays-George on September 11th, 2011

    Interesting thoughts on these movies. Can’t say I disagree with them either in my opinion.

  2.   Dongsheng Ma on October 10th, 2011

    Thank you for sharing these movies, the critic is also very simple and clear,.

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